Welcome to SABIC

K2010 - SABIC's four communications pillars "Culture of Innovation"


SABIC offers its customers the broadest plastics portfolio, with innovative and advanced material solutions and technologies that deliver better performance and add value for our customers by:

  • Reducing system costs
  • Creating growth opportunities in existing, new and emerging markets
  • Enabling new and differentiated designs


To anticipate our customers' growth requirements and potential we have invested in the expansion of our global production capacity. For our customers this means:

  • You can rely on us as your strategic global supplier of choice
  • Wherever you are looking to grow, we will be there to grow with you, as we are committed to staying close to our customers around the world
  • Our enlarged global presence will ensure you have long term security of supply, local supply and dedicated local customer support


At SABIC, we believe that providing sustainable materials and technologies is part of the solution to global environmental challenges.

We work closely with our customers to develop environmentally responsible products and solutions that provide significant and measurable performance advantages by:

  • Helping to reduce weight for fuel economy and CO2 reduction
  • Supporting recyclability
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Reducing energy costs and energy consumption

Customer Focus

We work closely with our customers to build successful long-term relationships and lasting partnerships (Sharing our Futures)

  • To help our customers innovate, differentiate their applications and optimize costs, we work through all the steps with them, from concept to production, to provide the right and creative solution
  • Our solutions are based on understanding of our customer's requirements and a sound knowledge of the needs of the value chain
  • With a dedicated local team presence, we are closer to our customers to better meet their unique needs
  • Petrochemicals is our core business and we are committed to the future of the industry