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General information on REACH

Please find below facts concerning REACH, as well as interesting documents related to REACH.

Facts & Figures

Facts & figures: For interesting facts on REACH, related to numbers that are used in documents with regard to REACH, please read here.
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316,000,000,000 € annual turnover of EU chemical industry
50,000,000,000 € benefits for human health and environment over a 30-year period thanks to REACH
2,300,000,000 € the Commission's estimate of REACH related costs for the industry
400,000,000 tons of chemicals produced every year in the EU
2,681,000 € maximum costs for evaluation of HPV and CMR substances
1,700,000 people directly employed by the EU chemical industry
140,000 REACH registration dossiers by EU manufacturers & importers
100,000 chemical substances in the EU
40,000 chemical producers in the EU
30,000 chemical substances subject to registration under REACH
9,000 chemical substances subject to evaluation under REACH
2,700 chemical substances subject to authorization under REACH
2,018 year in which REACH will by fully operational
1,400 CMR substances in EU
1,300 pages of REACH text including annexes
700 purchased chemicals by SABIC Europe
300 chemicals directives in former EU legislation
65 substances in the scope of the SABIC REACH program
40 EU directives will be replaced by REACH
34 % of global chemical output is produced by EU 25
25 Member States in the European Union of 2006
11 years before full implementation of REACH


Abbreviations: In all that is written on the REACH legislation, many abbreviations are applied. To get acquainted with the terminology utilized, please read further.
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Abbreviation Explanation
APPE The Association of Petrochemicals Producers in Europe
AISE International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products. See www.aise.eu/
BEUC European Consumers Organisation ( Bureau EUropeen des Consommateurs
BOM Bill of Material
C&L Classification & Labeling
CA Competent Authorities
CAS Chemical Abtracts Service. See www.cas.org.
CAS RN Chemical Absracts Service Registry Number
CBI Confidential Business Information
CEFIC Conseil Européen de l'Industrie Chimique
CIA Chemical Industries Association (UK)
CMR Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reproductively Toxic
COM (European) Commision
CONCAWE CONservation of Clean Air and Water in Europe
CPR Chemicals Policy Review
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CSA Chemical Safety Assessment
CSR Chemical Safety Report
DG Directorate General
DNEL Derived No-Effect Levels
DSD Dangerous Substamnce Directive
DU Downstream User
EBW Exposure Based Waiving
EC European Commission
ECHA European CHemicals Agency
ECB European Chemicals Bureau
ECETOC European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals
ECRN European Chemical Regions Network
EHS Environment, Health and Safety
EIF Entry into Force
EINECS European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances
ELINCS European List of Notified Chemical Substances
ENVI Environment Committee
EP European Parliament
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPAA The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal testing
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ES Exposure Scenarios
ESIS European Substances Information System
EU European Union
EUPC The European Plastics Convertors Association
GC Gas Chromatography
GHS Globally Harmonised System
GLP Good Laboratory Practice
HEDSET Harmonized Electronic Data-set
HERA Human and Environmental Risk Assessment on ingredients of household cleaning products
HPLC High performance Liquid Chromatography
HPV High Production Volume
HSE Health, Safety and Environment
ICCA International Council of Chemical Associations
IMCO Internal Market and Consumer protection Committee
INCI International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients
ISO International Organization for Standardization. See www.iso.org.
IT Information Technology
ITRE Commission on Industry, external Trade, Research and Energy
IUBMB International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
IUCLID International Uniform Chemical Information Database
IUPAC International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
JRC Joint Research Center
LOSG Lower Olefins Sector Group
LPV Low Production Volume
M/I Manufacturers / Importers
MS Member States
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
MSCA Member State Competent Authorities
NCD New Chemicals Data
NGO Non Governmental Organisation
NLP No Longer Polymer List
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation & Development
OH Occupational Health
OSOR One Substance One Registration
PBT Persistent Bio-accumulative and Toxic
PNEC Predicted No-Effect Concentration
POP Persistent Organic Pollutants
ppm parts per million
PPORD Product and Process Oriented Research and Development
PPP Plant Protection Products
PRW Plastic & Rubber Weekly
QSAR Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
RAR Risk Assessment Report
R&D Research & Development
REACH Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of CHemicals
REIF REACH enters into force
RIP  REACH Implementation Project
RMM Risk Measure Management
RP Rolling Plans
RRSM-LWG Risk Reduction Strategy Meeting / Low Concentrations Working Group
SDS Safety Data Sheet
SEA Socio-Economic Analysis
SEG Stakeholder Export Groups
SIA Substance In Articles
SIAM SIDS Initial Assessment Meeting
SIDS Screening Information Data-set
SIEF Substances Information and Evaluation Forum
SME Small and Medium sized Enterprises
SMILES Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification
SNIF Structered Notification Interchange Forum
SPORT Strategic Partnership On REACH Testing
SQL Standard Query Language
SVHC Substances of Very High Concern
T/a Tons per annum
TGD Technical Guidance Document
TRIP Trade Related-Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TSCA Toxic Substance Control Act (USA)
UV/VIS Ultra Violet/Visible
UVCB Substances of Unknown or Variable Composition, Complex reaction products or Biological materials
VAS Vertebrate Animal Study
VCI Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V.
vPvB very Persistent very Bio-accumulative
WF Work Flow
WG Working Group
w/w Abbreviation for "by weight"

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