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Labor Safety

We continuously take action to ensure a high safety level, with employees and contractors strictly adhering to safety rules and procedures. That's why SABIC has one of the lowest incidence rates in its industry.

Making individuals responsible

Individual behavior remains a decisive factor in ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation. Every employee is expected to be committed and accountable for the prevention of workplace injuries and incidents involving personal safety. SHE management systems are regularly checked to make sure that all related aspects are under control and are subject to continuous improvement.

Two innovative programs have contributed to better safety performance at SABIC sites in Europe: STOP™, aimed at better safety inspections by managers and supervisors, and 24/7-Safety™, where employees train each other to work more safely. In addition, employees are actively encouraged to report “near misses”, and increasing numbers are doing so.

Investigation and prevention

Despite all of our preventative measures, it is a regrettable fact that incidents still occur.

Whenever or wherever they happen, incidents are investigated and analyzed with the help of tools such as Root Cause Analysis and the Tripod Incident Investigation Techniques.

We have also set up specific programs with a special emphasis on safety, including:

  • Pre Task Meetings
  • Behavior Based Safety
  • Human Factor Analyses
  • SHE Leadership Training